Did your breakup leave you in a head spin? At The BREAKUP Biz ™, we cover all types of breakups and believe holistically that all aspects of our lives complement each other. When one area is broken then others tend to go off kilter. This limits our potential to walk in our best shoes. So, we think big picture. Fix the mind, you might fix the rest.


Our mission is to repair a world of broken hearts including YOURS as well as OURS! In the process, we aim to master the business of breaking up. Or, at least uncover ways to get through the tough parts, tear off that bandaid with as little collateral damage as humanly possible.


According to self-help books, recovery takes courage and a positive attitude. So, give our BREAK-UP Diets® philosophy a try. It might help YOU turn your negatives into positives. BREAK-UP Diets® help heal our hearts after devastating breakups in love, life and work. They are the little stories we tell ourselves to make us feel better, and inspire positive change in mind, body and spirit.


Our recovery concept is designed to help you see a more uplifting perspective. Plus, we do a lot of research so you don’t have to. As featured below, we’ll use our own BREAK-UP Diet® to start the conversation. For now, humor us: read along and join the journey. Along the way, you may uncover ‘what works and what doesn’t’ in breakup recovery. One shoe doesn’t fit all. So let’s get started first on what happens to us when we break UP:

Broken Heart Syndrome is real and can be a killer!

Can breakups kill you? The next time your friend is going through a breakup and they say they are ‘dying of a broken heart,’ you might want to take them a little more seriously. Take, for example, Crystal’s story:

“My heart was pounding out of my chest, like I couldn’t breath. I was anxious and scared.”
And then, in 15 minutes, all went away … emergency workers called it a panic attack.”
What actually happened to 35-year-old Crystal was real. Her heart was breaking – literally!

Could a broken heart really break your heart? Often confused with symptoms of a heart attack, Broken Heart Syndrome, is a heart condition triggered by acute emotional stress.

Experts say this syndrome can sneak up on you and strike even if you’re healthy. Crystal’s story reveals what happens here on USA Today.

Emotionally stressful events can trigger your sympathetic nervous system, which is also called your “fight-or-flight” mechanism, says Dr. Peter Shapiro in a Web MD ® article. Dr. Shapiro is a Columbia University Professor of Clinical Psychiatry who studies emotional issues in heart disease.

He adds, “Even though Broken Heart Syndrome may feel like a heart attack, it’s a very different problem that needs a different type of treatment.”

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Where Do Breakups Hit?

Not only is your heart taking a beating so is your stomach!

No doubt, breakups can shake us to our core. Literally and figuratively, breakups hit you right in the gut. While some people turn to comfort food like cupcakes and ice cream, others lose their appetite and turn coffee into a meal, perhaps the beverage’s warmth is comforting.

As a coping mechanism, we tend to eat too much or too little, which can result in either rapid unhealthy weight loss or quickly packing on extra pounds. Either way, breakups can lead to drastic changes in appetite, a phenomenon, noted by experts, as the “breakup diet.”

“It’s as if there is a connection between our stomachs and our hearts, and any food crossing our lips sends us into physical pain,” say experts Marina Pearson and Debra Smouse from Your Tango in their article on the topic. Adding, “We’re unable to swallow. We force ourselves to eat something, and it immediately comes back up. Though we aren’t quite ready to feel healing and hope, we don’t desire to feel any more pain, so we abstain or not from eating.”

As we know from the medical research above, breakups affect our sympathetic nervous system otherwise known as our immune system, which resides in the gut, our stomach. When we are under stress, our bodies create more adrenaline, which results in elevated cortisol levels. Excess cortisol leads to sustained elevations of blood sugar, substantial loss of calcium, depression of immune responses, high blood pressure, loss of muscle mass, increased fat accumulation, and even loss of cognitive function.

“When our hearts are hurting, it is logical that our bodies are, as well,” adds Pearson, who also wrote the book Goodbye Mr. Ex. “The body can only ever be in two states: either in a state of repair or a state of repose. If in a state of repair, your appetite will be affected and your body will be working over time.”

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What Is A Break-Up Diet ® ?

Finding an upswing to breaking UP is good medicine!

Researchers from Binghamton University and University College London asked 5,705 participants in 96 countries to rate the emotional and physical pain of a breakup on a scale of one (none) to 10 (unbearable). Their findings, reported in the Daily Mail, claim breakups hit women the hardest emotionally and physically. Yet, women recover more fully and come out emotionally stronger.  Men, on the other hand, never fully recover — they simply move on.

At The BREAKUP Biz ™, we aim to be a community of success stories, and for us, BREAK-UP Diets ® are personal success stories that offer tips, techniques and best practices on “How to Shed Emotional Weight … So Breaking UP Doesn’t Have to Weigh You DOWN ©.” Our motto: ‘B-Up. Be Well’ is a slogan that came to us accidentally when, for conversation sake, we shortened the breakup word to ‘B-Up.’  It resonated and became the name of our umbrella company, The B-UP Biz LLC, a wellness company developing products and services that inspire uplifting life experiences.

As inspiration, create a BREAK-UP Diet ® of your own. The process of doing something to better yourself will help CLEANSE your mind, REINVIGORATE your body and REVITALIZE your spirit for better love, life and work experiences.

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How To Start Your Break-Up Diet ®?

Rejection IS redirection to better love, life and work experiences! Before/After…


Our first diet featured below — on which The BREAK-UP Biz ™ is based — focuses on the romantic UPs and DOWNs of a serial singleton who worked in the daytime talk show business, an industry that positioned this now 40-something for a lifestyle of serial disappointments in love, life and work.

Her story is how we stumbled upon the concept of a BREAK-UP Diet ®, which we’ve now trademarked to use here as our own wellness platform.  

After every breakup, our career girl experienced instant weight loss, 10 pounds at a time, to such regularity that she started to see the weight loss as an upswing to breaking up. Not that she wanted to experience more breakups. She’d had her fair share.

But, if she had to go through one again, she was familiar with the process. The outcome, she found, wasn’t so bad. As she says: “Not many diets can deliver this rate of return. Makes you wonder, is Mr. WRONG doing me – RIGHT? What doesn’t a girl like more than feeling an inch less of herself? Or, were his words doing that to her already?”

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Why Did You Breakup? Your Story?

We all have baggage. Tell us what you did to leave your breakup behind?

Here on this page, we take YOUR leftover baggage and repurpose YOUR tales of woe for the greater good through our version of a Chicken Soup for the Soul or that book Who Moved Your Cheese written by Spencer Johnson, MD of the One Minute Manager series.

So, release and let go of your breakup misery here! This is your dumping ground. Healing starts by writing ‘down and out’ the pain. Start with a simple email to us explaining your predicament! Seeing your pain on paper is moving it to another place.

We’ll compile your story among others into an inspirational book. Not to worry, fake names will be featured (to protect the not-so-innocent) alongside real stories that just can’t be true — but are. To start the conversion, we use our own story. As creators of The BREAKUP Biz ™, we too have scratched that painful itch. Our breakup resume is lengthy, enough to fill a book, and now turn up the volume on life experience to help others overcome breakup residue.

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How does a Break-UP Diet® Work?

Laughing at yourself is best remedy! View Our Credentials

BREAK-UP Diets ® are not diet plans like Weight Watchers or Nutristystem®. They are not about weight gain or loss. But rather, about the quick fixes we all uniquely create to make us feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually after tragedy. Each is based on our own set of circumstances and our ability to see that rejection truly is redirection to better love, life and work experiences.

The diet featured below is only here to get you thinking about how you’ll start yours in Step 2. Just click on REDIRECTION to join our wellness community with America’s top experts in mind, body and spirit. You can package your own BREAK-UP Diet ® there. For now, here are the quick fixes that worked for our career gal. As silly as her tips may seem, they are what got her started on a path to a better tomorrow. As we say, whatever works, do it!


DAY 1 of Recovery
Refuge In Java, Your Best Lover

“Soon after breaking up with my boyfriend of one year, coffee became my best lover and friend. Java gave me something to look forward to in the mornings when I didn’t have his warmth to wake up to. This was when my romance with dark roast began, and my memories of him started to fade.”


DAY 2 of Recovery
Sleep Deprivation. It Numbs The Pain

“The excessive coffee consumption kept me up late and sleep deprived by morning, which, to my surprise, significantly numbed the pain, making it easier to get through my work day without tears. However, work could wait. I was now in a love affair with java. But, truth be told, being comatose took the edge off. I was so angry about having to endure yet another breakup that I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway. A coffee overdose worked for now, but it wouldn’t always. Eventually, I would crash; rock bottom was near.”


DAY 3 of Recovery
Psychic Intervention, Rethink Your

“My therapist allowed me to vent for so many sessions, she probably bought a villa in the south of France. My spiritual adviser, on the other hand, was available into the wee hours, after I’d tapped out my friends on relationship-failure talk. Of course, this is when you learn no one thought he was right for you in the first place. Really, now you tell me??? I learned a lot in a 30-minute call, the first 10 minutes were free! Faster and less expensive means I can finally save for my own villa! Plus, she told me Mr. RIGHT was just around the corner.”


DAY 4 of Recovery
Drop The Phone, Make A Mental Note!

“As they say, no pain no gain. Curb the urge to call. I purged the urge to call with a sticky note campaign. Each note listed another reason why not to call. I cluttered my walls with warnings … and came up with enough reasons to write a book! Confirmation cutting off communication is good strategy. It speeds up the healing process. But withdrawal, going cold turkey is not pretty. Chills happen. You endure and then all goes away.”

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Long Story Short

Best to make sure the next situation is worth a few extra on the backside. But, if you slip, as we all do and make that same mistake twice, then at least we know there might be a reliable diet at the end, making hard lessons to learn worth the effort. Turn rejection into redirection. Step 2 will take you there!