Smoking Habits?

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The BREAKUP Biz™ is about breathing in a healthier perspective. Bottomline, smoking is unhealthy. It is the leading cause of cancer, and increases your risk of heart attacks, strokes and lung disease. Yet, a deeper part of you believes that smoking fulfills certain needs or that it’s a tool to breathe our way out of crisis.

Our 21-DAY CONSCIOUS SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM with clinical hypnotherapist Shawn Quinlivan is one way to stop the urge to puff. This program will help you resolve this inner conflict by aligning your conscious and subconscious mind, and by altering your emotional relationship with smoking. You will gain insight into the power of your inner strength and wisdom, and develop valuable skills to stop this unhealthy habit.

As you quickly regain your sense of smell and taste, and begin to feel better physically and emotionally, the idea that smoking ever fulfilled any need will suddenly seem ridiculous. To get you to that point, SHAWN will lead you through a series of motivational talks, hypnotherapy sessions, journal exercises and guided meditations. His clinically proven methods of stop-smoking hypnosis, along with meditation and mindfulness training, are the most powerful allies you can enlist to achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker.

Also find hundreds of other programs available 24/7 to work out your breakup woes through daily, science-based audio and video programs that exist only in this online wellness community. The flexible format of our programs allows you to tailor the curriculum to your own needs, allowing you to repeat days or weeks so you can rediscover yourself over and over again, and at your own pace.

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