Sleep Irregularities?

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Because sleeping problems are symptoms of stress and anxiety, immerse yourself in our SLEEP WELL pillar. There, you will learn the connections between poor sleep, hormone levels, binge eating and difficulty losing weight. Use our science-based hypnotherapy, exercise, nutrition, meditation and breathing programs to support healthy sleep. Getting good sleep will help you reach your goals and feel happy to get up each morning.

Do you lie awake at night, unable to fall back asleep? Improve your relationship with sleep. Our 10-DAY CONSCIOUS SLEEP SUPPORT PROGRAM with clinical hypnotherapist Shawn Quinlivan teaches you how to check in with your deeper self. This program is designed to alter your attitude, beliefs and behaviors around sleep. You will experience six different sleep hypnosis sessions and will learn skills for positive sleep outcomes.

For a quick pick-me-up, our 6 PACK MEDITATION FOR RESTFUL SLEEP PROGRAM with Drew Barrymore’s mind/body guru Kent Burden, a collection of short, guided sleep meditations, visualizations, muscle relaxation exercises and breath regulation.

Or jump all the way in to our intensive 90-DAY WORKOUT FOR HEALTHY SLEEP with an all-star collection of celebrity trainers. Giving you the ultimate exercise for sleep, this low/moderate intensity program includes a mix of walking, yoga and cardio machine workouts, and is guided by our all-start trainers — Olympian Jeff Galloway, America’s Trainer Kathy Smith, PBS yoga star Adrienne Reed, and Yumi Lee, trainer to Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt.

For yoga on the side, plank your way into our 6 PACK HEALTHY SLEEP YOGA with PBS yoga star Adrienne Reed. This collection of six yoga routines teaches you how to lead a healthier, happier life through yoga practice. With regular use, you should soon see positive changes in how you feel during your waking hours.

Also find hundreds of other programs available 24/7 to work out your breakup woes through daily, science-based audio and video programs that exist only in this online wellness community. The flexible format of our programs allows you to tailor the curriculum to your own needs, allowing you to repeat days or weeks so you can rediscover yourself over and over again, and at your own pace.

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