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If you suffer from depression, you are not alone. According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States and a major cause of illness and disability worldwide. The complex symptoms of depression extend beyond feelings of sadness, often affecting people physically, mentally, behaviorally, socially and emotionally, and causing a ripple effect of problems in their lives.

Individuals with depression, according to studies, are four times more likely to experience at least one chronic and painful physical condition. They also report fewer positive interactions with their spouse or partner as compared to individuals who are not depressed. The good news is that depression is a relatively well-researched and understood disorder.

If you’re ready to take the courageous step towards depression relief, our 35-DAY DEPRESSION RELIEF PORGRAM with psychologist Christine Hatchard covers a comprehensive range of information that you need to know to recover. Dr. CHRISTINE will teach you about the symptoms of depression, the root causes and how depression interacts with issues such as trauma, emotional eating, resistance to change, self-esteem, exercise, time management and fostering interpersonal relationships.

Also find hundreds of other programs available 24/7 to work out your breakup woes through daily, science-based audio and video programs that exist only in this online wellness community. The flexible format of our programs allows you to tailor the curriculum to your own needs, allowing you to repeat days or weeks so you can rediscover yourself over and over again, and at your own pace.

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