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Safety first! Our 21-DAY STAYING SAFE IN RISKY SITUATIONS PROGRAM with Earnest Hart, the Safe-T Guru™ gives you an overview of what it means to be “safe” in love, life and work. This program also helps lower your stress level and improves your overall peace of mind by teaching you about the criminal mindset and how a criminal may choose you.

Contrary to what most believe, most crimes aren’t committed by a bad guy jumping out of the bushes. In most cases, the perpetrator actually has some interaction with you before the crime is committed. However, responsibility for your safety, according to Earnest, rests entirely on your shoulders. His program focuses on mental toughness and body language as a “toolkit to safety,” which he perfected as a world-class martial arts champion.

In the ring, Earnest earned a reputation as one of the most formidable competitors of his day. He holds black belts in 15 martial arts disciplines, and you can now find Earnest as the official martial arts trainer for Super Bowl Champions The St. Louis Rams and bodyguard to the St. Louis Cardinals. He has also worked alongside Hollywood heavyweights Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Willem Dafoe, and is the “go-to” expert behind outstanding fighting scenes in various martial arts films including Karate Kid, Mortal Kombat and To Live and Die in LA. Earnest was last seen helping George Clooney combat crime in Batman & Robin.

Consider Earnest as your personal virtual bodyguard. He shares tactics he uses to protect the elite in this program. Also find hundreds of other programs available 24/7 to work out your breakup woes through daily, science-based audio and video programs that exist only in this online wellness community. The flexible format of our programs allows you to tailor the curriculum to your own needs, allowing you to repeat days or weeks so you can rediscover yourself over and over again, and at your own pace.

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