DAY 1 of Recovery
Refuge In Java, Your Best Lover

“Soon after breaking up with my boyfriend of one year, coffee became my best lover and friend. Java gave me something to look forward to in the mornings when I didn’t have his warmth to wake up to. This was when my romance with dark roast began, and my memories of him started to fade.”


DAY 2 of Recovery
Sleep Deprivation. It Numbs The Pain

“The excessive coffee consumption kept me up late and sleep deprived by morning, which, to my surprise, significantly numbed the pain, making it easier to get through my work day without tears. However, work could wait. I was now in a love affair with java. But, truth be told, being comatose took the edge off. I was so angry about having to endure yet another breakup that I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway. A coffee overdose worked for now, but it wouldn’t always. Eventually, I would crash; rock bottom was near.”


DAY 3 of Recovery
Psychic Intervention, Rethink Your

“My therapist allowed me to vent for so many sessions, she probably bought a villa in the south of France. My spiritual adviser, on the other hand, was available into the wee hours, after I’d tapped out my friends on relationship-failure talk. Of course, this is when you learn no one thought he was right for you in the first place. Really, now you tell me??? I learned a lot in a 30-minute call, the first 10 minutes were free! Faster and less expensive means I can finally save for my own villa! Plus, she told me Mr. RIGHT was just around the corner.”


DAY 4 of Recovery
Drop The Phone, Make A Mental Note!

“As they say, no pain no gain. Curb the urge to call. I purged the urge to call with a sticky note campaign. Each note listed another reason why not to call. I cluttered my walls with warnings … and came up with enough reasons to write a book! Confirmation cutting off communication is good strategy. It speeds up the healing process. But withdrawal, going cold turkey is not pretty. Chills happen. You endure and then all goes away.”

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Long Story Short

Best to make sure the next situation is worth a few extra on the backside. But, if you slip, as we all do and make that same mistake twice, then at least we know there might be a reliable diet at the end, making hard lessons to learn worth the effort. Turn rejection into redirection. Step 2 will take you there!