Breakup recovery starts with a heartwarming beverage to warm our hearts. For us, coffee is our comfort food and Java, our best lover. Brew a cup now! Find comfort in our special blend of Breakup Brew! Boy, do we love our finest dark roast and the conversations that ensue over Java, our hot cup that gives us something to wake-up to when there is nothing else. Our special blend in decaf, too, creates the perfect atmosphere to revive your mind, body and spirit, all while being able to enjoy the finest coffee products and delicious gourmet dark chocolate from our friends who make our Coffee & Chocolate combo.

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Sip your breakup blues away. Dress up your coffee cup with Straw Envy ™. Our friends in Las Vegas have turned the ordinary drinking straw into a must-have sipping accessory. Goes well with a Starbucks Gift Card. Usable at any sippin’ occasion. Spice up a date night. Toast The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. Get noticed at girl’s night out. Straw Envy, Sip with Style. Dishwasher safe! Designer straws decorated with crystals or stainless steel cuffs.

In order to keep your smile bright, dentists recommend using a straw. Many people are surprised to learn that some of our favorite beverages – like our java – are actually responsible for tooth stains and discoloration. Did you also know that over 500 million disposable straws are used and thrown away every single day in the United States? Not only is that bad for the environment but disposable straws are bad for you to use in hot beverages; they can release a harmful chemical called BPA.

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Bottom-line for your own health as well as the environment, don’t use any straw! These personal drinking straws are sturdy, reusable and not made like a typical straw. A patent pending design allows the rhinestone crystals or stainless steel cuffs to remain flush, giving a fashionable yet safe look so you can sip in style without worry:

  • Come in decorative Black/Silver, Pink/Hot Pink and Green/Purple.
  • BPA free plastic, safe for hot drinks.
  • FDA approved; Dentist approved.
  • Carrying case is made of 100% cotton with magnetic closure and machine washable.
  • Dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended for the crystal rhinestone straws.
  • 2 straws, one round and one flat for hot and cold usage.

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