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Happiness Makes You Pretty. PERIOD.

Posted on June 17, 2017   //   Posted in Issues in Life?

Drew Barrymore says, “I think HAPPINESS is what makes you pretty. PERIOD.” We agree. Match ‘happy’ with a wardrobe and that’s retail therapy for any broken heart. Annoyingly, when we need retail therapy the most, we’re caught in a vicious spiral: we’re cash-poor and don’t want to rack up a lot of credit card debt but we still wan’t to look our best. So, we skimp on quality clothes for something that only slightly fits — and…


Does Money Buy Happiness?

Posted on May 20, 2017   //   Posted in Issues in Life?

According to Holiday Insights, today is ‘Be a Millionaire Day.’ It falls on May 20 every year. It’s a day to imagine what life would be like with extra padding in the bank, to be a member of The Millionaire’s Club.  Financial status might allow us to sleep more comfortably but does more cash mean more happiness?  From what I’ve read on the topic – no, money doesn’t buy happiness. However, reports say the secret…


How to A$K for YOUR best life

Posted on May 17, 2017   //   Posted in Issues in Life?
Laura Fredricks

Have a situation you just can’t ask your way out of? Do you have something you need to ask and just can’t?  Perhaps you need an “ASK Over,” an opportunity to ASK again.  OR, a “No Questions ASKED” for topics you are too shy to discuss?  What about an “Asking Price” to help you determine the exact $$$ amount you need, want and deserve? Get what YOU want, need and deserve with help from ‘Expert on…


Break UP to a better life ‘to do’ list

Posted on May 16, 2017   //   Posted in Issues in Life?

The quicker you get into routine, new adventures start. Practice as if … see what happens: B-motivated on Mondays. Start your week on a career high! B-seductive on Tuesdays. Romance your week away!  B-courageous on Wednesdays. Do something today you’ve never done before! B-safe on Thursdays.  Avoid bad boys, troubled relatives and abusive bosses!  B-flirty on Fridays. Practice as if you are the most attractive person in the room! B-stylish on Saturdays. Dress like a million…

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