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If you enjoyed Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses, Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love, Renee Zellwegger in Bridget Jones Diary and Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors, then you might enjoy our story about a self-proclaimed, accidental breakup expert on which The BREAKUP Biz ™ is based.

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Have you ever had one of those days where you stub your toe, get a rip in your hosiery, spill coffee on your blouse, lose your keys and miss your bus? When one thing goes wrong, it can set off a chain of events. A single problem can cause a spiral. For our self-proclaimed, accidental breakup expert, these series of single events lead to a career of serial misfortune.

How to Break UP with Breaking Up — When All You Know IS How to Break UP aims to be a light-hearted read about what happens when love, life and work go awry — all at once. And is chronicled through a series of real-life letters our accidental breakup expert receives as inheritance upon her grandmother’s death.

Stuck in chronic breakup misery, our girl in mid-life crisis soon discovers a solution in reading her life over again in the letters she penned. Her own musings would help her find a path to better love, life and work experiences. She’d written to her grandmother since the age of ten, a time when her mother and step-father convinced her to leave behind her little black cat in pursuit of this American life.

Her grandmother resided overseas in the tiniest, most beautiful of British villages, a place where her letters had become an entertainment rag of sorts, passed around to other family members, an embarrassment discovered at her grandmother’s funeral, horrified intimate details of her romantic disappointments had been shared beyond the sacred bounds of grandmotherly love.

Living this American life, she falls into an entertainment career as a Hollywood TV publicist representing some of the most highly recognized news and entertainment personalities in the US. Her late father had been a well-known TV actor in the UK. It seemed natural she’d fallen into the same industry and surely, she too would find success.

But, just like her father, the bad luck bug derailed a career she had worked so hard to create. There had been so many downs that the notorious Page Six gossip column of The New York Post pegged her “the long suffering publicist” and the nation’s top TV columnist Michael Starr nicknamed her “The Black Widow of TV.”

Delving into her box of letters, our breakup expert takes readers on a roller coaster of more personal and professional downs than ups. If you knew then what you know now, would you do THIS LIFE all over again? Would you go on this ride? In mid-life crisis, her former self teaches her how to move forward. She realizes her gut as something you don’t ignore. Letters prove her gut instincts are right on every time, but like a horror movie, she walks down the wrong hallway.

Each chapter kicks off with a new TV season of red carpets where our breakup expert represents one daytime talk show after the other, each one promising to be the next ratings winner. In the past she had served as spokesperson to one of the most controversial shows in daytime talk history, and had gone into friendly TV battle with Howard Stern and Barbara Walters.

She’d interviewed with Oprah’s team numerous times, even served Oprah coffee while working room service in college. A humanitarian trip to South Africa still didn’t earn her a job with daytime’s best. No matter her accolades in a profession well-known for high turn-over and fast-paced deadlines, the industry keeps her low on the career ladder stuck in the start-up business of daytime talk.

There, she simultaneously manages the demands of a slew of executive producers, network executives and TV personalities. Our story unfolds as she navigates a world of cutthroat competition while dating and ditching dozens of duds. Mostly though, this book is meant as a good laugh at the relationships we have in love, life and work – those that can and do go awry. In the end, our breakup expert proves that all you need is a good giggle to get over life’s hiccups, especially if laughter is all you’ve got left to work with.

How to Break UP with Breaking Up — When All You Know IS How to Break UP is a career gal’s mid-life crisis, an inner adventure of self-discovery and a comical romantic journey to find not only a stable and secure existence within an unstable profession, but also to find stability in romance and family life. The book is the first in a series of inspirational stories dedicated to showcasing the bounce back power of resiliency.