It seems like it’s happening more often. One day your job was OK and the next well it just not. Somethings just not right but you can’t put your finger on it. Maybe someone got promoted over you or you heard a colleague got a raise bigger than yours. Maybe there’s rumbling of reorganizations, lay-offs or a new division was announced. It doesn’t matter what caused you to look up and see you’re unappreciated, frustrated and feeling like what…


When you’re stuck, where do you start?

Posted on June 26, 2017   //   Posted in Issues at Work?
Your Best Defense Is You

“How do I make it all work? I did everything right and now I’ve got this job… this boss… working with these people… augh!!!!!!” You probably know that managing your career has changed. According to our resident leadership expert DENISE Cooper, the facts – Nearly 50% of those newly hired will fail to meet the expectations of their boss, 1 in 4 of the people you work with will be considered “not fully engaged,” which means…



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Whether you’re unemployed, on a super-frugal budget or just want to look like a million bucks, our resident stylist ANDY Paige will help YOU get it together so that YOU FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER, SPEND BETTER and even EARN BETTER. Looking and feeling good in your clothes boosts your confidence as well as your earning power. Here’s how:  Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe ANDY takes comedy’s lovable ‘Queen of Mean-Turned-Lean’ Lisa Lampanelli from Stand-up Frumpy to Red-Carpet…


Breakups At Work – 6 Workplace Issues

Posted on June 19, 2017   //   Posted in Issues at Work?

Take this career and shove it! Changing the behavior patterns that keep you from getting ahead is the expertise of our HELP SQUAD workplace issues expert DENISE Cooper, CEO/Founder Remarkable Leadership Lessons. In her guest post today, DENISE tells The BREAKUP Biz™: I’ve had a long and varied career but I can tell you at 17 I had no clue how it would go — and I certainly didn’t think my reputation would move me through 4 career transitions….


Happiness Makes You Pretty. PERIOD.

Posted on June 17, 2017   //   Posted in Issues in Life?

Drew Barrymore says, “I think HAPPINESS is what makes you pretty. PERIOD.” We agree. Match ‘happy’ with a wardrobe and that’s retail therapy for any broken heart. Annoyingly, when we need retail therapy the most, we’re caught in a vicious spiral: we’re cash-poor and don’t want to rack up a lot of credit card debt but we still wan’t to look our best. So, we skimp on quality clothes for something that only slightly fits — and…

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    Use this platform as a therapeutic, self-help tool to provide YOU with HOPE in troubled times, INSPIRATION amid chaos, as well as INSIGHT and FEEL-GOOD ENERGY. Here, we tap into the bounce back power of resiliency to move beyond trauma and into better love, life and work experiences.
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