It Takes a Village to Repair a World of Broken Hearts

The BREAKUP Biz™ (because we were once in show 'biz') covers everyday breakups, and is a motivational, self-help destination designed to help those stuck in misery recover emotionally, physically and financially from any type of breakup. We are in the breakup biz by default. We've been there, done that, and now aim to help YOU break UP to a better life, to move beyond trauma and into better love, life and work experiences. Our products and services feature a HELP SQUAD and a 3-STEP process enabling YOU to work out your breakup woes right here, RIGHT NOW. The road to recovery is not a one-person job. So, use The BREAKUP Biz™ as your village. Start by talking it out with members of our HELP SQUAD. Pick the lifestyle area that’s troubling you, and then click on the HELP SQUAD member who best resonates with your particular situation:

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Here, we promote uplifting love, life and work experiences and together, we indulge in much-needed self-care and pampering. Experience what an Emotional Boost in a Box™ can do for you. Sign up for a Breakup Getaway and be among the first to preview our book! 

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  • Breakup Brew, Warm Your Heart!

    Recovery starts with a heartwarming beverage to warm our hearts. For us, coffee is our comfort food and Java, our best lover. Brew a cup now! Read More
  • Breakup Getaways, Travel Today!

    Need to escape? Pack that suitcase. Let’s pick a destination for you through our travel booking services and get you quickly away from it all. You can refresh, recharge and soon start anew. Book your vacation RX with us! Read More
  • Emotional Boosts, Shop Now!

    Nothing is better than a spa day to ease away the pain of any breakup. A spa day is a gift we give ourselves when life gets us down. At The BREAKUP Biz™ we’ve done our best to package a spa day into a box as a gift for YOU or a friend in need. Buy a box today! Read More
  • A Mental Makeover, Preview Book!

    As creators of The BREAKUP Biz™, we too have scratched that painful itch. Our breakup resume is long enough to fill a book. View our credentials! Read More
  • Matters of the Heart, Support!

    The BREAKUP Biz™ participates in fundraising campaigns and humanitarian initiatives that mend broken hearts. Read More
  • “The Most Terrible Poverty is Loneliness and the Feeling of Being Unloved.”

    --- Mother Theresa ---